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Welcome to Attitude

alimentacion obesidadAttitude Research and Management is a full service marketing Research Company with a wide-ranging global experience in key sectors. We are focused on meeting the needs of clients in the Healthcare, Fast Moving Consumer Durable & Goods, Finance/Banking/Insurance, Tourism, Travel & leisure, Construction and Real Estate, Education Sector, Media and Entertainment, IT/Telecommunications, Automotive industries, Memorial services and funerals, Lottery & Gaming and Social Research Disability.

Let us help you to find ways of accumulating robust qualitative and quantitative data and better insights.


We help you to gain a better insight about your product or service. We provide you with the leaders edge tools online and offline or both.

We gathered for you the best lead users and innovative consumers as well as mainstream consumers.

Attitude is now designing several online research products, designed to keep our research toolbox up to date.

Attitude is a classic boutique agency where quality is paramount and where the seniors still do much of the research themselves.

Our market research professionals, with an average of over 20 years of experiences, provide you with a huge experience in many different areas.

Our fieldwork capacity enables us to tackle anything, from the most straightforward to the most complex projects.